Driving Under the Influence

Professional DUI Attorney Torrance

Did you get DUI for weed? Or were you driving after partying at a friend’s house? Even though your DUI bail seems like a farfetched idea, only a top-rated DUI attorney Torrance can give you the best chance to avoid such criminal offenses.

Driving Under the Influence (DUI) can be a serious misdemeanor offense that could have permanent consequences on your life. You could serve jail, your record might get stained, and you could get a ban on driving forever. While driving under the influence California cases is rarely mishandled, the police officers could make mistakes, the breathalyzers and blood tests might provide false results, and medical conditions might result in high BAC readings. At this point, the Law Office of Mark A. Velez is here to represent you, giving you the peace of mind.

California DUI Laws And Penalties

California DUI laws are some of the USA’s most stringent processes. The officer may signal you to stop and take a sobriety test by using a breathalyzer. If the limit is detected over 0.08%, drunk drivers are arrested and taken for a blood test. The California DUI penalties depend on whether it is your first, second, and third or subsequent DUI. Under the state laws, the fact that a DUI will be considered a felony depends on two factors, whether: a) you have DUI history or b) someone got hurt as a result of your DUI.

The first and second offenses are considered misdemeanors, while second and third offenses detail as felonies. Here is how each degree of offense gets you penalized:

1. The first offense is considered a misdemeanor without inflicting injury on someone. You may get $2,000 in fine, 48 hours in jail, several months of a suspended license, and an alcohol treatment program of three months.

2. The third type of DUI is the one where you’ve injured someone and is considered a felony. As for the seriousness of penalties, you can get about 16 months in prison, approx. $18,000 in fine, and a 30-month long alcohol education program

The DMV Proceedings And License Suspension

What to do after you got a DUI? You must first contact the finest Torrance DUI attorney and talk to him without stressing about the situation. Then, you may contact the DMV within ten days of your arrest to request a proceeding. If you’re unable do this within the designated period, your license will automatically get suspended for 30 days. Here, a trusted DUI attorney Torrance will arrange a hearing session for you, because he knows the legal process well, may aid in getting the hearing scheduled soon, and may also have an influential presence in the DMV hearing.

Your lawyer will help you walk through the California DUI limits and the possible consequences. He will conduct the session for you, where you may not be asked to attend the hearing. His goal is to defend your license suspension, where appearing at the court may allow him to find loopholes in the arrest.

As per the California DUI laws, your case proceeds to DMV hearing if your DUI included alcohol. In case you have got a marijuana DUI, your case might not require a DMV hearing. However, if your license gets suspended, then driving without it counts as a crime and you might have to serve prison, probation offense, and maybe permanent cancellation of your license.

How We Help You

The worst impact of DUI can have severe consequences, but that doesn’t mean you have to be caught in it for long periods. Mark A. Velez is your high-profile DUI attorney Torrance who will guide you through the entire process with transparency and will use his expertise to rest the case in your favor. Given his vast exposure to law enforcement, our attorney is quite familiar with the California DUI laws and can keenly detect the shortcuts to get you free and stress-less.