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    The Law Office of Mark A. Velez is where justice is served best. With over 30 years of expert law enforcement experience, Mark A. Velez represents your criminal cases ranging from DUIs to post-conviction record expungement. We provide compassionate criminal defense services at affordable costs.

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A life labeled with a criminal charge can unleash severe consequences. It could stain your record and damage your personal and professional relationships. Whether you are suspected of a crime, or you have been arrested, the criminal justice system can be confusing and intimidating. It is at this time you need someone you can trust to represent you and protect your rights. The Law Office of Mark A. Velez is here to fight for you. With over 35+ years of combined law enforcement and criminal defense experience, I provide a robust defense for any criminal matter.

Run by Mark A. Velez – the leading criminal defense attorney in Torrance, CA, our law firm has represented clients for a variety of major and minor offenses, including (but not limited to) DUI, DWI, drug and weapon possession, battery, assault, terrorist threats, domestic violence, grand theft, burglary, vehicular manslaughter, child abuse, assault with a deadly weapon on a peace office, and more. We're committed to protecting your rights, vigorously defending you, and providing you with in-depth legal assistance, compassionate legal care, and personalized attention – all at the Law Office of Mark A. Velez.

Worrying about the criminal justice process? With us representing you, there is nothing to worry about. We will walk you through the legal process. We will remain transparent with you and will update you regarding all your case proceedings. 

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  • JD: Southwestern Law School
  • PhD: University of Southern California
  • MPA: CSU Dominguez Hills
  • BSBM: Redlands University

Having served as a previous Chief of Police with over 30 years of extensive law experience, Mark A. Velez is well versed in criminal law with a keen eye for detail and unique perception. He is a licensed criminal defense attorney who employs his experience to help those accused of a crime in Torrance and LA, CA. Being a prized Torrance criminal defense attorney, Mark understands the legal system like the back of his hand and can devise the most effective ways to get you out of trouble.

Our southern California attorney has fostered and maintained healthy professional relationships with law enforcement professionals, courthouses, and criminal justice system personnel. He brings his network and resources to get your case dismissed or reduced as much as possible.

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