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We provide affordable, client-centered representation in criminal matters.


DUI can be a complicated matter, where you have to deal with the administrative DMV issues and the criminal charges. Let us spot the loopholes in your DUI arrest, and fight for you so you can return to your normal life with the least stress.

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If you have been arrested with for a misdemeanor or felony you will be worried, stressed, and confused. We will work with you to balance the case with whatever realistic options for you. We fight for you in court to get the best possible outcome. 

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At Law Office Of Mark A. Velez, we believe that children accused of committing crimes need support the most. Here, your child will be treated with respect and will be understood without the fear of being judged. We will fight to keep your child's record clean. 

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Individuals with a criminal past are often denied jobs or housing options, and denied permits to carry firearms, which could make their lives stressful. Let us clean your criminal record so you finally leave the past behind and welcome new opportunities.

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