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Post-Conviction Representation & Record Expungement

Get Your Criminal Record Expunged With The Leading Post-Conviction Attorney

Behind every criminal is a past that keeps haunting him. Whether he committed the crime or was falsely accused of a crime he didn't, receiving sentence, prison time, or a fine can create a disturbing mark in their records. A scar as permanent as a criminal record can leave scars that make the future life difficult for the previous convict. Due to their criminal past, they find it hard to find jobs, get loans, apply for higher education, and have a place to rent. However, no matter the crime, it depends on the circumstances and the efforts of a post-conviction attorney to see if your case stands eligible for expungement.

I can provide you with post-conviction relief and I am always ready to fight the legal battle to make your future life smooth and obstacle-free. We have dealt with several record expungement cases successfully and have helped our clients remove the stain from their past. If you're the one suffering from post-conviction issues, Law Office of Mark A. Velez is the one to consult right now.

What Is Post Conviction Relief And Record Expungement?

Post-conviction relief refers to a process where the defendant brings evidence or additional issues after the judgment has been passed. If the evidence is reliable, a relief can help you gain fairness in your case.

Expungement means the removal of criminal charges and conviction history from an individual's records at the public database. You may receive post-conviction relief in California by hiring a post-conviction attorney who can represent you in the court of law and help remove the case history so that you could have a better life quality afterward.

What Can Kinds Of Criminal Records Be Expunged?

Expungement for post-conviction is usually granted after trial, depending on the nature of the crime. Several post-conviction relief lawyers usually look at the quality of the case to come up with the best approach. Some of the following are common causes for record expungement:

  • Misdemeanors
  • Some Felonies
  • Drug Convictions
  • Assault
  • Criminal driving
  • DUI
  • Lewd acts
  • Weapon charges
  • Battery

The Post-Conviction Relief Process

The post-conviction relief process is complex and lengthy, and only a post-conviction lawyer can guide you through easily. The procedure allows your post-conviction attorney to file a motion in the court to seek relief for your case or reduce the conviction, so your argument is improved.

As people approach post-conviction relief lawyers, the entire process could take up to 90 days from the point of your sentence or if your case has been provided with new evidence. Once your attorney takes on the process, he will walk you through the procedure of appeal and other legal options that are available to you. However, your appeal will be filled in the trial court, instead of the appeals court. If the defendant loses a direct appeal, your lawyer will use a post-conviction relief. But if your case is unclear, your lawyer will use a post-conviction motion.

Whether you are applying for a simple appeal or a complex one, it depends on the seriousness of the consequences of your case. But when you have the best attorney by your side, getting a relief and record expungement can make your life more comfortable than ever.

Let Our Post-Conviction Relief Lawyers Help You Begin A New Life

As your trusted post-conviction lawyers, we are highly aware of the laws and regulations regarding your post-conviction relief and record exemption. Mark A. Velez always has a way with his clients, where he aims to work with them for them. He will listen to you and consider all in his power to make it up to you. Being an expert post-conviction attorney, he will confidently provide a personalized approach to representing you and helping you through your appeals and the record expungement process. We'll take it smoothly so you can sleep soundly without fearing about your past.

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