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Meet The Finest Misdemeanor Defense Lawyer In California

Breaking the law and committing a crime can stress anyone. You could be charged with thousands of dollars in fine and several months to years in prison, depending on the crime you committed. The legal consequences that follow a crime can be harsh enough to ruin lifetime opportunities. If you or your loved one have been charged with a crime, the Law Office of Mark A. Velez will put the best misdemeanor defense lawyer in California to work with you on your case. We will thoroughly investigate the crime to prove your innocence.

Misdemeanors & Felonies In California

California is known to have one of the strictest criminal laws in the country. According to the California Law, crimes are classified into three main categories concerning their seriousness. These are:

1. Infractions

This is the least charge, where you get a fine but no jail or any other restriction. Traffic tickets are the most common example of the infraction.

2. Misdemeanors

Misdemeanors are punishable with up to 354 days in county jail, and/or a maximum penalty of $1,000. Misdemeanor traffic is a typical minor misdemeanor example, which is dangerous than an infraction but less severe than a felony.

3. Felonies

Felonies are serious criminal charges that carry penalties of more than a year in custody, and a fine of up to $10,000.

Since these crimes vary in their degree of seriousness, whether you need a lawyer or not depends on the intensity of the crime committed. For instance, you don't need expert legal advice for a traffic ticket. If you feel that infraction could lead to license suspension, you may talk to a traffic ticket attorney.
For those committing misdemeanors and felonies, consulting a misdemeanor defense lawyer in California is a better way to discuss their rights.

List Of Misdemeanors In California

Committing a misdemeanor in California is common. Sometimes, the criminal may wave off taking advice from an experienced lawyer due to some misconceptions regarding the legal system or the lawyer. Nonetheless, California misdemeanor sentencing can carry serious consequences that could lead to additional penalties if not paid attention.

Here is the list of misdemeanors in California:

• Domestic violence
• Battery
• Assault
• Shoplifting
• Theft
• Public intoxication
• Prostitution
• Disorderly conduct
• Probation violation
• Drug possession
• Reckless driving
• Drunk in public
• Indecent exposure
• Peace disturbance
• Trespassing, and so on.

List Of Felonies In California:

These types of crimes have long-term consequences, where the criminals are dealt with strictly by the law. While the cases could go to lengths, these could adversely affect the quality of life. One could be denied career opportunities, loans, gun rights, house rental, and much more. Also, personal and professional relationships get battered due to the criminal charge. Following are the examples of felony cases you should know about:

• Murder
• Rape
• Homicide
• Manslaughter
• Assault with a deadly weapon
• Aggravated battery
• Voluntary manslaughter
• Involuntary manslaughter
• Manslaughter while intoxicated
• Negligent manslaughter while intoxicated
• Hate crimes
• Kidnapping
• Sexual battery
• Mayhem
• Child pornography
• Drug distribution
• Drug possession
• Gang cases
• Fraud
• Internet crimes
• Torture
• Grand theft
• Burglary
• Robbery
• Auto theft
• Criminal threats
• Obstructing justice
• Domestic violence
• False imprisonment

How Our Misdemeanor Defense Lawyer In California Come To Your Rescue

Mark A. Velez puts your case for a felony to a misdemeanor in California on priority. If you're tired of being passed around like a hot potato by other lawyers, we will thoroughly through your case while easing your stress. We will help you evaluate all the legal options available to you. Here, our expert attorneys will guide you through the most suitable plan as per your condition. We know that each case has a different approach, which is why we will scour the most realistic legal advances to have your case restituted, diverted, or dismissed. Mark A Velez will do all in his power to smoothen your life as much as possible. It's a guarantee we will adhere to wholeheartedly.

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